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Founded in 2018, First Colony is a tribe of Jiu-jitsu practitioners who range from complete beginners to advanced. When the Gracie family developed their unique grappling style it was intended to be for everyone.

Because 95% of all street fights end up on the ground, the self defense component of this traditional martial art is incredibly effective. Apart from protection, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or BJJ as it’s commonly referred to, is great for developing physical fitness, mental toughness and self confidence.

At First Colony, we see our selves as a community. Respect, camaraderie and encouragement are balanced with intensity and a desire to measurably expand in skill and ability. As lead instructor, Liam Mcgeown often says: “Little by little, we get very far.”

Whether you have been practicing BJJ for decades or have never set foot on a matt, First Colony has a place for you!

Liam Mcgeown, Danny Morera, Jeff Grossman

Liam Mcgeown, Danny Morera, Jeff Grossman

All of us at First Colony, value tradition and take great pride in our lineage. Lead instructor Liam Mcgeown received his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from 25 year jiu-jitsu veteran Professor Danny Morera. Morera is a 2nd degree black belt, under the legendary Professor, Roberto Maia. Maia holds a 5th degree black belt, under Carlos Gracie Jr.

In 2018 Danny not only gave permission but offered Liam his blessing in opening First Colony. Jeff Grossman received his brown belt from Danny Morera and has generously made it possible for Jeff to assist classes at First Colony as well.  For more information click here